Carrie's PowerBook

If you've ever watched Sex and the City, and you have a more than passing interest in Macs (and there must be more than 3 of us), then you've probably asked yourself, “So exactly what laptop is it that Carrie Bradshaw uses?”

Well, I searched online and found nothing definitive. So I've had a go at it myself. The answer is a little surprising.

SaTC ran from 98 to 2004, and Carrie uses a variety of Powerbooks stretching from probably the first PowerBook G3 to the last Powerbook G3.

So how do you identify the Powerbooks? The original Powerbook G3 (Kanga) has a small rainbow apple logo at the bottom of the back of the screen. The later Powerbooks have the distinctive solid white Apple logo at the centre of the back of the screen. To tell the later Powerbook G3 models apart there are a couple of differences. The Powerbook G3 Series (Wallstreet) is thicker, and has a small rainbow Apple logo below the screen. The keys are black. The later Lombard and Pismo models have a small white Apple logo above the screen, they also have translucent 'bronze' keys. The Pismo has written below the screen Powerbook, whereas the lombard has written Powerbook G3. There are other differences, but these are the easily visible clues that I have used.

The first episode of Sex and the City aired in June 98. I'm not sure when it was shot, but the air date does rule out any PowerBook newer than a PowerBook G3 Wallstreet. It is not until Episode 3, season 1 that we first get a look at the back of the powerbook. It has a small little apple logo at the bottom. This, and the shape, suggest either a 3400 or Powerbook G3 (Kanga). The G3 is more likely as it would have been current at that time. It is like this for the rest of season 1.

In season 2, from the first episode, Carrie Bradshaw appears to have a Wallstreet. It has the distinctive white Apple logo, and the rainbow Apple logo on the front of the screen with 'Macintosh Powerbook G3' written. In episode 7, everyone (Miranda and her love interest) appears to have one. In epsidoe 12, Stanford Blatch is using one. Episode 13, Miranda has one. It appears to be a 14.1" model.

In season 3 (jun-oct2000), episode 4 (25Jun). It looks like a Lombard (release may99 disc feb2000) or Pismo (released feb 2000, disc jan2001). But in epsiodes 10, and 16 it looks like the wallstreet again. This is odd. We never get the close up detail of bottom of the display to differentiate between the Pismo and the Lombard. The later Pismo just has PowerBook rather than Powerbook G3 written at the bottom of the display.

Season 4, episode 4 we're back with the Pismo/lombard. There's one in the background of the coffeshop scene at the beginning of episode 7, and Charlote has a tangerine iBook in her office. By Epsiode 8, "My motherboard, myself" (15June01) she has a Powerbook G3 Pismo. It's funny because in this episode she says how 'we rushed my 98 laptop in my 99 Pashmina to Tekserve'. And her boyfriend, Aidan, gets her an iBook (Indigo 366, released Sept2000, disc may2001). But she is attached to her PowerBook so she gets it fixed and is using it at the end of the episode with a Zip drive. Tekserve, by the way, is a real company selling and servicing Macs in New York. I wonder if they were the suppliers for SaTC.

For season 5, it continues to be the Pismo. This is significant as by this time Apple has released the Powerbook G4. There are some interesting things. In Episode 5, her publishers are using a Titanium Powerbook G4. And in episode 7, it looks like she is running OSX.

Despite the Powerbook G3 being discontinued in January 2001, she still has her Pismo through season six, 3 years later. In the final episodes, 19 and 20, we see the same Pismo she has been using since season 3. The Pismo was discontinued in January 2001, but Carrie is still using hers at the end of the series more than 3 years later. I guess it became to hard to kill off such an established character. :)

Some other interesting points. You don't always see the Powerbook. Sometimes you just see a close up of the screen, but in a few episodes like when she's in LA, she does not use it at all and you don't see it at all. I think that Season 6, Episode 19 is the only time we see it where she isn't using it.

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